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 Enjoying all foods without guilt


Improving your body image


Not feeling "addicted" to food anymore

Learning how to honor & recognize hunger and fullness cues


Being able to actively reject diet culture


Freeing yourself from the throes of calorie counting


Having a conducive relationship with movement


Feeling like the grocery store isn't a real-life nightmare


Having the ability to be fully present at social events instead of meticulously analyzing the food in your head 

Applying evidence-based nutrition information and listening to your body

Finally finding a plan that actually works...


 “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step backwards into safety”.


Initial Assessment

(~60 minutes): This is a chance for us to get to know each other and establish our therapeutic relationship. We'll dive into your medical/dieting history, and relationship with food, while exploring your nutrition goals. You'll learn about my approach, and we'll establish a preliminary plan with action steps. Together, we'll identify where changes can be made in improving your overall health and wellness.

Follow-Up Appointment

(~60 minutes): Follow-up appointments are a chance to reflect on progress towards short-term goals, any barriers you have encountered, vulnerabilities, or triggering situations faced. We will dive deeper into behaviors, mindsets and troubleshoot if necessary. 

Meal/Snack Support

(~45-60min): This is a session dedicated solely to the provision of emotional support in a recovery-focused setting during meal/snack times. 

Currently, I am providing services through Telehealth.

In-network insurance: Allegiance, Cigna, PacificSource, Aetna, First Choice Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MT Health CO-OP.

(Self-pay and sliding scale options available)

Insurance accepted in MT, CA, CO, ID. 

If you do not see your insurance above, I can provide you with a superbill (receipt detailing medical services) upon request. If your insurance company reimburses for nutrition services, you can submit the superbill and they may reimburse you directly. If you are uncertain, you can ask your insurance company if they cover the CPT codes 97802 or 97803 (nutrition assessment & re-assessment, respectively). Superbills are not a guarantee of reimbursement. 

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